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September 8, 2010

“Follow-Up is Critical”

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Immediate follow-up is a important key part of building a very successful networking base in business, person arenas. Developing a highly effective  follow-up system ushers in many different relationships you start to form in no time. Relationships help you along the way and gives a better overall ratio when sealing the deal.

Increasing your pipeline can happen multiple ways whether business cards, networking events, seminars etc. basically any social gathering is a opportunity.  Studies have shown if you don’t respond to those contacts, business cards you’ve gathered within 3 days maxinum you may have lost a potential lead.

Organization is extreme helpful:

  • Keep track of “ALL” names, email addresses, contact numbers
  • Write down the topic of conversation so you can refer back later
  • Remember the date, time frame, event you meet the person
  • Take immediate action to develop a spread sheet with “ALL” the information
  • Take time to verbally communicate before sending e-blast, text message or having someone call for you(personal is better)
  • Listen for key areas that you may can help, assist, give input

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