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September 23, 2010

“Tip’s when writing a Professional Email”

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  • Don’t write any email when you’re angry.  You may regret sending the email once you have gathered your thoughts later.  Again emails can be made public access easily.  Is this how you want people to know you in business, place of work, life period?
  • Proof read your email multiple times  for grammar errors.  If you are a poor speller or someone who isn’t clear when you write, get another person to proof read your email.  Poorly written emails can confuse the recipient and reflect a unprofessional person. Include all your contact information on every email a person signature is a good idea.  If the recipient has a question about the email he/she might want to call you or check out your business/personal website. In addition hijacking email addresses has become common.  If you always have your contact information, then those in your address book who are used to getting email from you will know something is wrong when your personal information/signature is  missing.
  • Send all related literature/documentation in your email.  If you are discussing a specific  document in an email, send a duplicate copy of the document even if you have already sent it.  Don’t assume the recipient has all the information he/she needs to properly respond to your email.  Send all required information, photos, documents with your email.
  • Use proper care when emailing multiple people/groups.  Check the “TO” box before you send any/all emails.  Is this a professional practice including appropriate for preventing careless mistakes or oversights.
  • Make your message brief and straight to the point.  Cover the one topic of discussion,review,business only in your  email.  Email often gets skimmed through due to a busy schedule or other reasons.  A telephone call regarding  follow up makes a world of difference or letter if necessary to build a lasting relationship.

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