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September 30, 2010

“Creating Your Personal Website”

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How do I create a personal website?

Creating a personal website is a very simple task, which can be slightly intimidating because of the multitude  of options available. A willingness to invest some quality  time in learning and experimentation will help a lot here.

Basically, you’ll need a content management system to create and manage the content you’ll be posting on your website, and you’ll need a web hosting service to serve that content to visitors. You can go with for example service which integrates a content management system and the hosting service, or you can get more flexibility by covering different area with varies websites.

There are a couple of gotchas to avoid. First, don’t overspend on your personal website. The goal should be hosting a quality, professional  website with excellent content that attracts the masses.  A no compromise personal website can be published for pennies on the dollar a month. Review other professional websites for ideas, concepts and put your personal spin on to create your own brand.

What distingushes a personal website from other websites?

Your personal website is original and non-commercial website constructed to your own taste until satisfied.  The typical motive in creating such a site is to share, provide interesting information and ideas for other to utilize. The website helps others learn more about you as a person building relationships meanwhile being helpful with information.

Why should I create a personal website? Isn’t it a waste of effort?

A personal website is one of many ways to start branding yourself to your core audience with accumulating  information such as email to network. Your personal website gives you a wide range of options for your audience to partake in learning and being taught also exchange information.  Your audience is endless due to the fact your marketing, branding yourself to millions on the world wide web.

What content should I put on the site?

Your goal should be to provide information that would be useful to the visitors. Tutorials and informative articles are much appreciated. Anything you write for an external site should also be posted on your website. Personal pictures, personal information  maybe important to you but are unlikely to attract many visitors.

Can I make money off the website?

If you use a standard affiliate website, which thousands are using, your chances to succeed are minimal. But if you really want to make money from home, your personality must be seen from the look of your website. Visitors must see, how this marketer has solved one of the key problems in the online marketing, to be able to stand out from the crowd. To make money online means that you have to follow the strategy of branded goods marketing, i.e. to build a brand out of your website. If you think, which elements you have in use, the only element, which nobody can copy is your personality, your style to market.

Should I have my own Domain name?

I strongly recommend getting a domain name. A domain name will allow you to change your web host provider without breaking any external links to your site. Domain names are cheap and can be purchased for as little as $10 a year.


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