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October 21, 2010

“Set Your Business Apart from Others”

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  • Branding is about being specific. A strong brand identity will set your business or product apart from its competitors in consumers’ minds. Experts recommend that the following principle be implemented throughout your strategic brand-building efforts: no business can be all things to all people.
  1. Facebook, Twitter your business. The ability to share what you do in 140 characters or less isn’t just for meaningless content updates on a daily basis.  A concise message delivers the essence of your business, and is easier for consumers to remember which leads to building a meaningful relationship.
  2. Learn to say “NO” Prioritize what activities and services mean most to your business. Strategically saying “no” allows you to devote your time and core spirit to those things for which you say “yes,” to brand development including marketing your business to the world.
  3. Clearly identify your markets. Divide your customers into multiple groups. Deal with each group individually, creating specific messages and using relevant communication vehicles to deliver messages to each. “You can only create a compelling message for one group at a time.” Treat each group special never leave out anybody make everybody feel wanted, welcome!
  • How to Create High-Quality Content Online: Successful online branding starts with having valuable content at your Web site that is free, easy to use and access, credible, and grabs the attention of your site’s visitors. Building brand recognition is easier, faster, and more powerful when you follow four key steps to creating your site’s content:
    1. Hire a professional is strongly suggested to develop the content that ensures you’re building a leadership brand.
    2. Don’t overlook the specific language of your content for your brand-building ventures — you must ensure the right tone for your audience.
    3. Offer content that is not overtly promotional in building online communities.
    4. Ensure your content is completely accurate or you could face a brand building public relations nightmare!

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