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November 4, 2010

“Business Lessons From Donald Trump”

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In his bestselling book The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump provided a unique perspective on constructing and negotiating business transactions. But as much as we know Trump as a deal-maker extraordinaire, his greatest skill is his salesmanship.

Everyone likes to do business with a winner. No matter what stage of your career, you need to look like you’ve made it. That means dressing the part of a serious business person. As a universal rule, make it your business to be the well-dressed upon introduction of a potential/existing client. If you lack the fashion sense, a store that caters to business attire will be just what you need in such a occasion such as business.

Bring your confidence with you in full blossom. It’s not enough to look successful; you need to act it as well. This demonstrates that you are also knowledgeable in your specific craft ready for new business.

Again, take a page from Trump. Sure, he can be garish and way over the top, but no way is he going to check his self-confidence at the door. Neither should you. So find a way to bring up your most significant achievements, tell an intriguing story and talk up your goals, discoveries and present/future visions.

The timid and the small thinkers will talk sports and weather. They will place last in the race in comparison to the bold winners who regale their prospects and customers with compelling ideas and stories.

Challenge yourself and the opportunity before you–to make certain that of all the people your clients and prospects come in contact with, you are the one indelibly imprinted on their brains. You don’t settle, but You execute.


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