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June 30, 2011

“6 Business Resources You Aren’t Using”

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By: Mike Michalowicz

As an entrepreneur, there are many resources that you can use to help you in just about every facet of your business. Many of them you probably know about, but there are some that you probably never considered. Some of those you haven’t considered before can be extremely helpful for a variety of reasons. So it’s time to get acquainted.

Just about every small business owner needs some resource assistance from time to time. And if you can find some that are low cost or affordable, like the six below, you will be that much ahead. The return on investment for any expenses or time you will invest in these resources may just be invaluable to you in return.

Here are the six business resources that you aren’t using:

1. Family

This one may not be obvious to most people, but you can get some free labor out of those you love. Your family is a great resource for getting additional help that you need, yet may not be able to afford. If there is something people in your family can do, ask them to help. They will probably be glad you did.

2. Mastermind

Belonging to a mastermind can be a fun, as well as a great way to learn more about the entrepreneurial process. All you need to do is form a group of around six to eight people, who are non-competing entrepreneurs. Those in the group should be similar in demographic, even though everyone has a different business and is at various places throughout the process. Then, just meet once a month and solve problems together. Remember, you are not there to give advice to others, or ask for it. Rather, the point is to learn from one another by sharing experiences.

3. Library

Everything you are experiencing has been documented, and probably already solved, and it is in books at the library just waiting to be used. You don’t even have to go there and walk the aisles. Most libraries today will allow you to log in online, reserve books, and just show up when they arrive at the front desk. Plus, many libraries have a whole collection of digital ones you can access in minutes and read from your computer.

4. Chamber of commerce

Joining your local chamber of commerce costs very little, yet it puts you immediately in front of small business owners and big business personnel. Attend the meetings, listen, share, and get to know those in the group. These meetings are a great place to network. You may even find a few people there to be a part of your mastermind.

5. Associations

Just about every type of industry has an association you can join. Although they can be quite helpful, many people tend to overlook them. Don’t let the fees of these associations scare you away. Try joining at least for a year to see if you feel it is worth it. There is a good chance you will find it is well worth the investment.

6. Local college

As an entrepreneur, there are resources you need that a local college can fulfill. Whether it is interns, qualified applicants, or free advice from professors, they are a good place to tap when you need people, to advance your skills in a particular area, or advice from experts.

If you haven’t been using these resources, as I suspect to be the case, then make it a goal to try a few. You may just find that some of these outlets can give you the leg up you need in your business!


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