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July 13, 2011

“Statistics: Why Youth Entrepreneurship Education is Important Today”

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Statistics: Why Youth Entrepreneurship Education is Important Today

The time is now to invest in the next generation of youth. And the Little Green Money Machine (LGMM) will help you do it. Given today’s post-recession economy, it is imperative that we change the way we’re doing things, and the sooner the better.

It is important to be aware of the trends happening with our youth today, and to learn how to prevent them.

How are our nation’s youth being prepared to enter the new global economy?

How are they being prepared to enter a new corporate America where jobs are no longer a guarantee for high school grads and even college grads?

Knowing that the desire is out there for youth entrepreneurship, it’s our responsibility as a society to provide youth with the tools and guidance they need to take charge of their own futures and have a beneficial impact on their local communities. If America is to retain its position in the globe as the #1 leader in innovation, we must promote youth entrepreneurship.

Teachers, professors, educational leaders, academia, government officials, and parents should push for it to become core curriculum in K-12 education. We need a new generation of adults leaving high school and creating small businesses and jobs, versus looking for jobs from corporate America and handouts from the government.

We are entering a new age: The Age of the Entrepreneur. Are we preparing our youth for it?

Every 9 seconds, a student in America becomes a dropout, totaling about 1.2 million teens becoming dropouts annually. (Education Week)

The Little Green Money Machine (LGMM) is an interactive learning system that teaches kids how to start their own business using a proprietary business stand and interactive book that motivates kids to learn. Benefits include improving high school graduation rates, increasing parental involvement in learning, and providing positive yet engaging peer activities, not to mention learning the value of earning, saving, and spending their money.

81% of dropouts said they would have stayed in school if the subjects were more relevant to real life. (Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship)

Every aspect of the LGMM can be tailored to a variety of educational programs, from high-risk students who require a different learning style to stay engaged or perhaps more hands-on opportunities, to gifted students who need an extra challenge. All the students in between will also benefit from this system as it provides a fun way to learn. That boring math class becomes a lot more meaningful to kids when they are now counting the $50 in revenue they made last Saturday and after deducting $15 for expenses realizing they made $35 profit. Now Math seems FUN!

75% percent of state prison inmates are high school dropouts. (Alliance for School Choice)

The number #1 motivator for youth propensity to commit crime is income or desire for money and/or material things. The LGMM will teach kids how to earn and save their own money in a positive way, by setting goals, starting their own business and earning money as a socially responsible entrepreneur. The #2 motivator for youth propensity to commit crime is peer pressure and lack of parental supervision after school. The LGMM system gives kids a positive group activity to engage in with their peers and/or classmates during school and after school. This after school activity will be a positive peer pressure factor amongst kids as they compete to earn money in the marketplace and have fun with their friends while doing it.

Gallup studies show 7 out of 10 high school students want to start their own companies.

Only 25% of high school graduates know the definition of the word entrepreneur. Most don’t have any idea how to start their own business, nor do they know it is even possible. The LGMM takes out the mystery, gets rid of the black box. And in fun and simple way. The goal is to expose our youth to experiencing entrepreneurship. You cannot simply read about entrepreneurship, you must practice it, in stages. Both successes and failures take us to the next level. This learning system works regardless of socioeconomic status, background, parental involvement, and personal challenges that student has faced or is currently facing.

Gallup studies show that less than 25% of high school students are offered a business or entrepreneurial course by the time they graduate.

This is pretty scary considering that only 25% of all high school students go on to earn college degrees. Who is preparing the other 75% of high school grads that don’t go on to college for the real world? It certainly isn’t our K-12 system. The LGMM youth entrepreneurship system motivates kids to learn, improves high school graduation rates, increases parental involvement in learning, and provides positive yet engaging peer activities. Setting the foundation EARLY so they don’t have to wait for the school system to create a course, as they already have the knowledge. They are then also being prepared for the real world, as well as for our post-recession world where jobs may not be readily available. Our youth will gain the confidence to create their own jobs, make their own money and most importantly understand the value of money. Our current K-12 system and even most of our prestigious colleges are missing the boat on this thing we call entrepreneurship.



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